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We all want good things to happen to us, but not many are willing to go out on a limb to share the things our government and state actors must do. In an effort to start a healthy debate and put-forth some ideas, thinking and suggestions I decided to publish a cliff notes equivalent of what we need our government to do.

Take the ideas and suggestions with a pinch of salt, also I am not great at public math. Forgive the errors as its a one persons late night thinking translated in to some discussion points. Its is far from perfect or even cohesive, but in my mind it’s a starting point. Instead of every one suggesting the problems we face, here is an attempt at offering some solutions or a path to solving what ails us.

Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts here or via the twitter post that led you to this post. All I ask for is a civil and mature discourse even if you disagree with the content.


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